2 Inch LED Turn Signal Kit 1157 Base White/Amber Front Turn Signal Bulbs + 1157 Double Connector Red Rear Turn Signal Lights Compatible with Harley Street Glide Motorcycle 4.2 … YITAMOTOR 1157 LED Bulb White, 54SMD 650 Lumens, BAY15D 7528 2357 2057 LED Replacement Light Bulbs for Brake Tail Running Parking Backup Light for Car RV Motorcycle Boat, 12v-24v, 2 … Or at least that’s the way my simple mind understands the problem! One diode is soldered to the power feed wire that goes to the left side turn signals and the other diode is soldered to a line that goes to the right side indicators. 1. So why replace it? The striped end on the diode points towards the light. It’s simple because it has a single filament that turns on or off, unlike the 1157 with two; one that burns constantly with another that adds to the brightness when the turn signals are engaged. Regular price These LED turn signals retain the standard OEM blink rate too. 1156 LED Bulb Replacement Rick K. August 8, 2012. Alibaba.com offers 1,067 1156 led bulbs products. So, the challenge was on: how to replace those decidedly old-fashioned 1156 bulbs with high-tech LEDs on the DR650? Modern motorcycles are slowly evolving, with LEDs probably becoming the norm for all motorcycle lighting (possibly even including the headlights as the technology improves). These Energy efficient bulbs last 30,000 hours that's 25 times longer than your stock bulbs. $15.99 At first, I thought this would be a simple swap. This LED bulb is 100% Plug-N-Play no experience needed LED are 3-5X Brighter than Factory Halogens and last 40X longer. Easy to Install: Plug And Play & 360° Beam Angle, This 1156 LED bulbs has 54 LED chips (3014 SMD) that create a 360° viewing angle for better all over light emission with reduced hot spots. Welcome to contact our factory. Just twist to lock in place. Modern motorcycles are slowly evolving, with LEDs probably becoming the norm for all motorcycle lighting (possibly even including the headlights as the technology improves). I do not work for superbrightleds or anything, just a satisfied consumer.”, Your email address will not be published. Led Color: White. I modded the plugs to blade instead of bullet connectors to fit the Yamaha’s harness. But this violates the webBikeWorld “one job, one bulb” guideline; that is, it’s better when a light goes from off to on rather than from lighted to lighted brighter. And yet, that 1156 Old Timer is still in the mix. Pair, Single contact. We're China's leading Motocycle Light manufacturers and suppliers, also supporting customized service. US $2.90-$3.30 / Piece 100 Pieces (Min. Single cylinder, air cooled, carburetor (remember those? This 1157 dual-contact, dual-function bulb has 25 LEDs (3-mm and 5-mm). Superbrite sells an electronic flasher in three flavors that will operate normally even with a mere 0.05A being drawn. This is the person for which only the best, highest-tech and most unobtainable (i.e., complex and expensive) modifications that money can buy are desireable. The best description I’ve seen on this issue and its solution is an article entitled “VTX 1800C Diode Fix” on the “Bareass Choppers” (you read that right!) I love LED’s, just can’t bring myself to pay the $60 a pair for the set that I know will work (forget the name, stocked at the BMW shop).”. Next up: mounting two waterproof LED strips to the windshield of my Star to increase my visibility. The good ol’ 1156 has been around forever and it serves well. Comments are ordered from most recent to oldest. The 1156 is usually employed in motorcycle turn signals, while some older (and some newer) bikes have the 21W 1156 as an on/off brake light also. If my 1156 LED replacements warn off even one headphone-wearing, GPS watching driver who’s also texting, talking and munching on a Snickers bar instead of driving, then they paid for themselves in spades. A wide variety of 1156 led bulbs options are available to you, such as lamp type, voltage, and car fitment. To a true farkler, there is nothing that can’t be improved upon. When I throw the switch, those babies light up like Times Square on New Year’s Eve! website. Apparently, on some bikes, there’s a tiny bit of power that bleeds through the dashboard turn signal indicator light and back through to the turn signals on both sides of the bike. You can buy the Kuryakyn Diode Kit(List Price/Street Price $7.95/$6.95), shown in the upper photo above, which is a nice, very slim design, all packaged up and heat-shrinked and ready to go. Turn the key, switch on the turn signals and…both front lights were blinking simultaneously. And heck — they look cool! Motorcycle Transportation Companies (USA, EU, UK, Canada). This 1156 LED bulb has a BA15S bayonet base for easy plug-and-play installation. 209 results for led 1157 motorcycle bulbs. Available in Four colors- White, Amber, Blue, Red, translation missing: en.sections.slideshow.navigation_instructions, This price of this item will revert back to $15.99 at the end of this countdown. That’s the easy part! And only a few special 1156 LED bulb replacements are non-polarized, so that was lesson number one for me. 2Pcs Bullet LED Turn Signal Lights 1156 Amber Insert Bulb Light For Softail Dyna. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Alibaba.com offers 424 1156 led auto motorcycle turn light products. I tried various iterations of bulbs; I tried replacing all four bulbs; I even tried tracing and splicing the turn signal wires so each light was running independently of the others, but I still couldn’t figure it out. As it turns out, they now have and they recommend going with an LED bulb replacement that is the same color as the lens you’re replacing (unlike in the past, when white was the way to go). Quite a few people have already used them by the number of YouTube videos popping up. Well, that’s sort of like asking a mountain climber why they climbed the mountain: because it’s there. It is the 1156-x18-T: 18HP-LED BA15S Tower Bulb in Amber. Single 1156 bulbs are also common; many of the older BMW “Airheads” have one in the rear as a brake light only. The stator, at idle, only puts out 165 Watts. More information about motorcycle lighting and LED lights can be found on the webBikeWorld Motorcycle Lighting reviews and the LED Motorcycle Lights page. Shopping For A New (Or Your First) Helmet? Find 2020 quality & cheap motorcycle 1156 led for sale. The only place where there might be some disagreement is in philosophy. The LEDs are enclosed in a stock bulb cover for a traditional look. Left. Features: Reviewing motorcycle products for over 20 years. These premium Motorcycle Led bulbs replace a variety of other bulbs including 156 1141 1003 3014 light bulbs. Includes standard, hyper bright, wide angle, 360 and 90 degree LED bulbs. Buy an 1156 LED replacement, plug it in and it’s done. 1156 1156a Ba15s LED Amber Yellow Bulb, P21w 7506 1141 LED Bulb Amber, AC/DC 10-30V 7.2w, with Projector, 1000 Lumens, for Car, Motorcycle Turn Signal Lights, Parking Lights. Cheap-Charlie farklers would no sooner replace an inexpensive tried-and-true 1156 bulb with an eighteen-buck LED than they would fill the tank with Premium. The amber yellow and the 18 LEDs arrayed around the “Tower” really is fantastic. Newest design and top Quality. I’m joking, of course, but that pretty much sizes it up. Except the flasher relay was not happy. Buy high performance and CANbus 1156 / BA15S / P21W led bulbs replacement, matching halogen housing, aftermarket replacement Tail, Turn Signal, Backup Reverse light. Package Include: (Pack of 2) 1156 1003 1141 7506 led bulbs with high brightness 54-SMD 3014 LED chips each bulb. I’ve seen dual 1156 bulbs in a tail light assembly; one burns all the time as a rear running light and the other bulb powers up when the brakes are applied. It’s all part of the fun and excitement of customizing your ride. (Pack of 2) … So a diode or two must be spliced into the line to act as a one-way valve, which prevents the juice from leaking through to the other side. There’s also an 1157 conversion kit that, with some extra wiring and a new bulb holder, turns those 1156 turn signals into marker/visibility/safety lights using one of the 1157 filaments, then uses the second filament as the turn signal. These “wedgies” work great in my turn signals on my BMW K1300S. Due to the directional design of these bulbs, it is necessary that the bulb faces the lens for proper illumination. You can get inexpensive motorcycle 1156 led with discounted price from the most reputable wholesalers. And it’s fantastic beacuase these fit in immdiately behind the turn signal lens. 99 Most notably on Gold Wings, but I’ve even seen customized Harleys with ground effects lighting use LIN3 units as brake lights. Kuryakyn LED 1156 & 1157 Style Bulb. Every one of the LED bulb replacements shown in the photo will fit the OE Suzuki signal assembly. purpose-build LED replacement light. LF1-S-PIN is the model I bought. But for the inveterate farkler, everything and anything can and should be improved, changed or customized. 1157 Tower LED bulb replacements are also available for your brake light (more on this in my recent article on 1157 LED brake lights for motorcycles). 38% OFF, This special price ends in : See the webBikeWorld Site Info page. It’s not enough power to light up the 1156 incandescent bulbs, but it’s just enough power to energize the LED bulbs, which don’t need much juice to perk themselves out of slumber. AMYWNTER R10W 1156 BA15S G18 Car Motorcycle Lights SMD LED Turn Signal Brake Light Bulb. The 1156 LED Bulb used Interior LED Bulb, Universal Replacement Bulbs found in Map Lights, Dome lights, Reading Light, License Plate Light, Signal Lights and more. Also Shop for: LED Lights and Bulbs, Auxiliary Driving Lights, Motorcycle LED Headlights. Large heat sinks provide long life. About 83% of these are auto lighting system. Next, I removed the lens from the right front turn signal and popped another 18 LED Tower bulb inside. All material and photographs are Copyright © webWorld International, LLC since 2000. The harley motorcycle turn signal led lights are a great way to add modern styling and class to your bike while also increasing visibility. The first thing I did was buy 1157 LED Towers to free up 14 or so watts the running lights ate up. Led 1156 BA15S P21W 5630 SMD LED S25 Car Bulb Projector Len Backup Reverse Light Lamp. So I sent an email to my LED pusher, Super Bright LEDs, and got a quick reply: I need to install a diode in the system. And, by the way, it’s advantageous in other ways because it’s cheap as chips, it’s available anywhere in the world and lasts pretty much forever. You can see the turn signal indicator bulb in the photo above, along with the “Y” diode harness (the other black wire is the ground). Pop off The Lens, Replace the Old Light to New LED Turn Signal Lights, then Put The Lens Back. And yet, that 1156 Old Timer is still in the mix. Easy Installtion. Available in Four colors- White, Am Ultra high power 8W LED automotive light bulb. Description; ... E-mail: [email protected] Add: Floor 4, Building A, 707 Creative Space, NO.25 Longhe Middle Road, Taihe Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. Available in red or amber. The 1156 incandescent bulb. Available in Four colors- White, Am By continuing to use this site you agree to these cookies. In the meantime, we’ve seen “wedge” bulbs, “festoon” bulbs, “twist lock” bulbs and everything in between being used. Brighter, lower draw, longer life and better resistance to vibration than standard bulbs. bulb. The reason, as I discovered after my wallet was drained thinner than the single dime left in my pocket, is because most of those LED bulb units are polarized, so the bottom contact must get the power (positive) and the side of the holder serves as the ground or earth. Note that these are bulbs that have a low/high filament; i.e., one filament is "on" all the It’s a ridiculously expensive modification that is also completely unnecessary and, as we learned, not a simple plug-in. I have one of the cantankerous CAN BUS BMW’s (K1200r) and have problems swapping bulbs. $11.87. You’re In The Right Place. About 68% of these are Auto Lighting System, 0% are Motorcycle Lighting System. I pulled the tiny “pea” turn signal indicator light out of its friction-fit socket, cut the wire and spliced in my diode wiring harness contraption. They appear to only be available in “wedge base” at this time, however as these are new products on the market (I was told this when I inquired about them) I am sure more base styles are forthcoming. And idea if these will trip the bus logic? But if you’re a light fanatic like me and you want the latest, greatest, best-est and most modern (for 2012, anyway) 1156 LED bulb replacement, then the amber 18 LED Tower is for you. This LED bulb is 100% Plug-N-Play no experience needed LED are 3-5X Brighter than Factory Halogens and last 40X longer. These bulbs have 18 SMD LEDs that are mounted radially to create a 360° viewing angle. So where does one buy 3 Amp diodes? Nope. The turn signals flash normally, I’ve got a little less power being drawn, and I don’t have to worry about a resistor melting anything. wBW provides subjective opinions and information on hard-to-find and unique motorcycling products. A wide variety of 1156 led auto motorcycle turn light options are … Required fields are marked *. So why replace those tried-and-true campaigners with an LED bulb that costs 18 times (no joke!) But for the inveterate farkler, everything and anything can and should be improved, changed or customized. Rick’s Reply: Anyone know what the magic is to using LED bulb replacements on the BMW CAN BUS system? On the Star, one simply unplugs the stock flasher and connects the LF1 to the harness as follows: gray to brown, black to brown/white. All text, photographs and content on webBikeWorld.com are Copyright © since 2000. … For example, the Suzuki DR650 “Budget Adventure Tourer” (blog), this year’s webBikeWorld project bike, was chosen partly because of its Old Skoolgoodness and simplicity. 1156 Bulb – Custom LED's Motorcycle LED Light Products are proudly Made-in-the-USA! Available in Four colors- White, Am The 1156 LED Bulb used Interior LED Bulb, Universal Replacement Bulbs found in Map Lights, Dome lights, Reading Light, License Plate Light, Signal Lights and more. Bottom line? Probably the simplest and once the most common turn signal/brake light bulb ever made. They run $54 and can be used to signal small moons in an emergency. Read the article slowly and carefully about four times and be sure to study the diagrams and hopefully you’ll get the idea. But, in a bit of what might be called “protruded logic”, that makes them all the more desirable. I connected everything back together (using a webBikeWorld Posi-Lock kit, of course! Also, the extra length of the 18 LED version fits the rectangular shape of the housing and reflector on the DR650. $12.49. Super bright and reliable 1156 LED taillight bulb. 1157 and 1156 incandescent motorcycle light bulb comparison, Suzuki DR650 “Budget Adventure Tourer” (blog), Headlight Relay Kits and Wiring Harness Reviews. OTCO Light Limited offers motorcycle 1156 1157 led bulb 2'' bike dual functions white amber led drl turn signal running panel light insert kit for harley davidson dyna softail roadster sportster touring tri glide.

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